As a new and upcoming design brand, we’ve tried to make the production of our products as eco-friendly as possible and to reduce our carbon footprint as a furniture factory from the start. We got inspired by all the great new developments in this area in different branches such, as the fashion industry.

We use solid woods and veneers that have been produced in a consious way. Not only does this contribute to preserving the non-production forests, but these woods also have an excellent quality and our suppliers our proud to provide us materials with environmentally conscious trademarks .

Within our company, we try to increase the percentage of renewable energy that we generate from our solar panels, to use in our production. To keep progressing, we put 5% of the profit we make on each of our products into extra solar panels and new, innovative ways to make our production fully self-sufficient in the future.

Not only do we try to do right by the environment in our production, but we also take this in consideration with designing our products.

By no longer buying stock upholstery at our suppliers but ordering them in specific dimensions for each sold product, we’ve managed to reduce our upholstery waste with 75%.

Materials that might have been labelled residual waste in the past, are now materials that are used to make new, outstanding designs featuring these leftovers. By creating products that make these materials stand out, we change them into high-quality products instead of processing them as waste. We hope to show you some of these designs soon on our website and socials!


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