The first collection of Vonn Jansen is a fact and is being launched as well as the website. Together with their followers, the Vonn Jansen team has been looking forward to this moment for a long time. From now on the Vonn Jansen products can be ordered worldwide.

Throughout the designing and manufacturing of their products, The team discovers multiple departements that could be more durable. Therefore the duo decides to take a look into more eco-friendly ways to produce, ways to recycle and re-use their leftover materials and reduce emissions. To learn more about the different ways we work on reducing the companies footprint, check out the Climate page.

After working on the design of the first products for months, they have samples of their pieces made and start working on the final touches. These final touches include usability, comfort, quality checks and finishings of the materials.

During the development of the first collection, Vonn Jansen launches their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram to see how people react to the designs. Very soon the team discovers there is a lot of interest for the works of the pair, since the brand reaches over 10.000 followers in the first year.

Nearly one year later the duo officially launches their brand Vonn Jansen. This Dutch design brand can offer it’s customers the highest quality possible, thanks to the knowledge the two gained during their journey and offers products showing the pairs unique look on design.

It’s time to regenerate the company. For this, Jansen asks his two oldest children to help him. During this process the plans for a new design brand are starting to get more shape. The two decide it’s time build a company for themselves. Together, brother and sister travel around Europe in search of materials, visit every single continent to increase their knowledge of the global market and make the first designs for the future brand. During these trips the two also get in contact with several companies which are specialized in producing certain components. The duo starts the first collaborations with these European producers, resulting in designs of the highest quality.

In 2014 Jansen decides to start producing wood for the products himself. Huge amounts of wood are being purchased by the furniture dealer and in his company the wood is being sawn, dried and prepared for further onlay in the factory. Together with all the other materials, from now on over 50% of the wood used for producing the furniture comes from Europe.

During the last couple of years the company kept developing and renewing itself. Eventually the factory has to move to a new location due to space shortage. At this new location, the production keeps evolving in full speed.

Ten years of existence are being greatly celebrated at the factory in Indonesia. The entire Jansen family attends the festivities. Including Jansen’s son Nick and daughter Sophie, who have been involved in their fathers company from the start. During this trip the two talk about the dreams and goals they have for the future and discover they both would like to follow in the footsteps of their old man.

Jansen starts to look around Europe for the best materials to make his furniture. Fabrics and veneers with a special look to them are being selected, making the products unique and let the designs stand out even more. Only materials of the highest quality coming from Germany, France, the Netherlands and Italy are being used for the production of the pieces from now on.

Jansen opens his own professional factory in Indonesia. In only a short period of time the company becomes a multinational where hundreds of employees make the most divergent, beautiful pieces of furniture for customers around the world.

For business the partners travel around the world and end up in Indonesia. Here they meet several local workers and the two see a lot of potential the products. The company wants to make furniture with a lot of manual labour and moves to Indonesia because of this reason. The quality and extraordinary appearance of the products is not common around Europe and America and soon the company starts to develop speedily.

After working for himself for a couple of years, Jansen decides to start a company in antique furniture together with a fellow-antiques dealer. This company will aim on the European and American market. As soon as the partners can’t keep up with the demand for their products, the company starts to manufacture reproductions in Italy.

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